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Termination occurs naturally through an employee retiring or leaving, and each situation requires an appropriate response. Employees may also leave through illness, redundancy, or indeed dismissal. Some of these situations are difficult to deal with, and employers may be under particular legal obligations.

HR Focus will draw on wide experience to give you advice and practical assistance in handling these often sensitive issues. You need to have a number of key elements in place, such as:

  • Retirement policies. We'll make sure you have a clearly stated retirement policy detailing the options available to employees in the lead-up to leaving the company.
  • Leaving arrangements and debriefing. We'll guide you on planning for an employee's departure and on conducting exit interviews, so that there are no "loose ends" when the employee leaves.
  • Redundancy management. Whether you are obliged to make one or many employees redundant, you'll find there are legal as well as compassionate considerations. We'll equip you to deal with both, should the need arise.
  • Dismissal procedures. We'll develop procedures for you that will ensure should you need to dismiss an employee, that you do so for valid reasons, and in a fair and proper manner in accordance with the law. We aim to save you from liability for wrongful dismissal and the costs that could entail.
  • Termination of employment letters. We'll show you how to draw up suitable letters making clear the reasons for termination, specific leaving arrangements, and entitlements due to the employee.
  • Reference policies. We'll make you aware of some important issues when deciding whether to provide an employee with a reference, and what type of reference to give.
  • Counselling. Some employees may benefit from counselling to help them cope with the circumstances of their termination, or to advise them on possible next steps.

If you could use some help in dealing with employees leaving your organisation, please contact us.

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