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Recruitment is seldom easy. You run the risk of employing the wrong people, who may prove ineffective in their role, or who may leave prematurely. Then you are forced to waste time and money in repeating the exercise.

HR Focus will help you to shorten the recruitment process and minimise the cost per hire by developing an effective recruitment strategy, covering:

  • Job specifications. Before recruiting begins, prepare and agree a useful, comprehensive job specification — a specification that not only details the duties and responsibilities, but one that will actually help you to attract the best candidates.
  • Person specifications. Be clear about the qualifications, skills and experience that the incumbent is likely to need. Consider what kind of person will be a good fit in the organisation.
  • Advertising briefs. All advertising is expensive. Maximise the value by targeting the right places and publications with efficient, appealing copy.
  • Screening and shortlisting. Review applications diligently and critically to identify the best candidates to invite for interview. Avoid wasting both your time and theirs.
  • Interviewing. Use skilful interview techniques to make sure you learn the most important facts about candidates during the process (and that they learn about you).
  • Obtaining references. Validate your opinion by comparing it with that of previous employers or other worthy referees.
  • Final selection. Take all salient factors into account in reaching your decision. Be sure your ideal candidate is actually prepared to accept an offer from you, and will not be swayed by counter offers.

To find out more about how we can help, just contact us. Recruitment is the Number One human resources challenge. Our expertise will ensure you can rise to it.

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