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A whole raft of United Kingdom and European Union legislation exists to govern almost every aspect of employing people. Examples include, but are by no means limited to: contracts of employment; working time; minimum wage; sex, race and disability discrimination; dispute resolution; health and safety; pension provision; data protection; and so on.

In many organisations, employment policies simply evolve as issues are encountered — but it is this lack of preparedness that often lands businesses in trouble. Failure to act within the terms of the law can result in your being brought before an expensive Employment Tribunal, and ignorance is no defence.

Instead, we advise employers to develop clear, unambiguous, written policies that interpret key elements of employment law and show how they are respected and enacted in the organisation. The availability of written documents makes it easier to communicate policy around the company, and helps to ensure that your staff — particularly your managers and supervisors — will act consistently and in accordance with the law in their dealings with other employees.

If you already have written policies, we'll make sure that they are in good order, they are sufficiently comprehensive for your business, and are in line with your legal obligations. Where they are not, we'll fix them for you.

If you don't have existing policies, we'll prepare documents for you that will provide clear instructions and information on all aspects of employment in your organisation, ensuring that you are set up to satisfy the legislative requirements.

Employee handbooks

Many companies choose to document (or at least summarise) their key employment policies in an Employee Handbook, along with other company rules and regulations that might not be stated explicitly in employee contracts or job descriptions: these might cover public holidays, absenteeism, grievance and disciplinary procedures, safety in the workplace, and so on.

We can help you prepare an Employee Handbook that will be a valuable resource for you and your employees alike — or if you prefer, we'll prepare one for you.

Coaching and assistance

Perhaps you would like someone on your staff to be the "resident expert" on key employment legislation matters. We'll be pleased to coach nominees on the most important aspects of the law, and how your policies address them. And we can always be on hand to assist and advise you on specific issues.

Don't stumble through the employment law minefield — ask HR Focus to show you the safe path.

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