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In most organisations, staff costs account for the biggest part of the budget — so it makes sound business sense to protect the investment you have made in recruiting, hiring and training an employee. At the same time, you must recognise when you are keeping people whose cost exceeds their value.

HR Focus will examine the pertinent issues in your organisation, and help you to build a system that will

  • keep your staff motivated and focused on business and personal goals
  • develop, reward and retain your best personnel
  • give you proven ways to aid others to become more productive
  • provide appropriate, legal mechanisms for dealing with non-performers.

Communication and motivation

Good communication is the bedrock in motivating your staff — a fact that is overlooked in many firms. Everything you can do to make your personnel feel "connected" with their company is beneficial to business. We will lay out a communications strategy for you that will make your staff feel like stakeholders in the firm, rather than merely employees. The strategy might address topics such as:

  • Briefings. Hold regular, brief department or company meetings to update employees on business performance, new contracts or customers, changes in practices, problems, challenges, and so on. Encourage staff to air their views or concerns.
  • Newsletters & magazines. Liven up newsletters with features about employees and their personal interests and achievements, as well as giving up-to-date information about the business. Encourage staff to participate in preparing and developing these publications.
  • Company notices. Target the best place to post company notices, or establish other effective ways of distributing them. Develop a style that will encourage notices to be read and understood.
  • Social & team building events. Profit from the more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere common to out-of-hours or off-the-premises events like these to discuss business goals and performance, and the part employers and employees play in building success.
  • Employee surveys and involvement. Use questionnaires and other feedback methods to let your staff express their opinions on matters that are important to the organisation. Involve them in making decisions that will affect them as individuals.

Performance management

Providing job satisfaction and advancement prospects for your employees while at the same time ensuring your business objectives are met won't happen by accident. You need to plan for it.

We'll be pleased to design a complete performance management system for you, tailored to your company's needs and way of doing business. Typically, we'll cover:

  • Job descriptions. We'll make sure all your employees have clear, agreed, goal-oriented job descriptions that will be the basis for performance review and appraisal, rather than just a list of things "to do".
  • Salary grades and structures. We'll set you up with a grading scheme and salary structure that is fair to you and your employees, is consistent with your industry sector and locale, and provides a clear progression path for your staff.
  • Benefits and incentive schemes. We'll advise you on additional employee benefits and incentive schemes that will help you to attract and retain the most productive people.
  • Reviews and appraisals. We'll institute a programme of periodic performance reviews for all your employees. Reviews will normally involve assessing the extent to which employees have met the objectives set out in their job descriptions or at the last review, determining a performance rating that will influence salary enhancements or promotion prospects if appropriate, and setting objectives or revising job descriptions for the forthcoming period. Where necessary, we'll train your managers and supervisors in how to conduct performance reviews, making sure they take into account the support that employees have received in the prior period and will need in the coming period.
  • Remedial action. When an employee fails to meet key objectives, there may be perfectly good reasons that were outwith his or her control. On the other hand, they may need some help, further training or encouragement to allow them to perform more effectively. We'll show you how to handle these situations sensitively, and the impact they should have on performance rating.
  • Records. There are several good reasons for keeping proper, formal records within your performance management system. We'll discuss these with you, and recommend methods that will keep your records coherent, complete, and retrievable.

A tailored performance management system and a well-directed communications strategy will combine to motivate your employees to develop and achieve their potential. Just get in touch to put HR Focus to work on it.

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