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Based in Scotland, HR Focus specialises in providing practical personnel support to organisations, whatever their industry sector or size. We enable employers to deal with everything to do with employing staff, through the entire employee life cycle: from recruiting the right people, through training and developing them for success, to termination when they finally leave the firm. We'll help you to do all of that inside a policy framework that ensures you stay on the right side of the law.

You'll find our services of particular benefit if you don't have (and perhaps don't want) permanent, skilled human resource professionals on your staff. We can provide you with a "virtual" Personnel Manager; there for you when you need one, and not there when you don't.

We don't just provide advice: we're happy to get our sleeves rolled up and to implement systems for you. We'll draw up policies and procedures, employee handbooks, contracts of employment, job descriptions, or any other documentation that is needed along the way.

  • We aim to turn your human resource management into a cost saving rather than a cost raising effort.
  • We need no full-time office space, no employee benefits, and no long-term commitment.
  • The value we bring always exceeds the fee we charge.

So if you have a personnel problem (or problem personnel), just contact us for help. We're the safest hire you'll make.

E-mail: dom at
Tel & Fax: 01896 756398
Middle Holmleigh
Melrose Road

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